A fine site for rescuing Mauerpark (Berlin Wall Park)

Music-Album for the rescue of Mauerpark Berlin

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Music-Album for the rescue of Mauerpark Berlin

Hi, all Mauerpark- (& nature-, fresh-air…)-fans worldwide (& in Berlin), plz like and/ or support… music- album for the sustainment of Mauerpark Berlin & it’s culture (license to make music (incl. Karaoke), dance, make creative performances etc.)… the goal is one the one hand „Awareness-Raising“ for the maintainment of Mauerpark(-Culture) thru the Album as well as supporting local initiatives, esp. Mauerpark Stiftung Welt-Bürger-Park, for their public relations activities as well as production of a juridical certificate what possibilities there are for the legal defense of Mauerpark from a luxury-building-project which would mean more than 1 million tons of concrete and severe restrictions for the Mauerpark-Culture furtheron… Mauerpark would be more+ more degraded to be just a front yard for the new expensive building-project(s) and their Silence-loving new residents… (each Euro goes directly to the production of the project and each that surpasses the production-costs goes directly to Mauerpark Stiftung Welt-Bürger-Park… o.k., here the campaign on one of Europe’s finest crowdfunding-Platforms… (located in Friedrichshain, Berlin (German language-version within the project) (Deutsche Version davon im Projekt selbst beschrieben…)


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